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Outlawing Dolores Huerta: The Tuscon Diaries

Outlawing Dolores Huerta

In 2006, Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner and United Farm Workers Co-Founder Dolores Huerta visited Tucson High School in Arizona and delivered a speech. As part of her speech, she stated "Republicans Hate Latinos." The statement was used in 2010 by Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and other Arizona Politicians to justify the passage of House Bill 2281-The Ethnic Studies Ban.

Outlawing Dolores: The Tucson Diaries is an extended interview from documentary Outlawing Shakespeare: The Battle for the Tucson Mind. Both documentaries have been produced with the intent to give a greater context to some of the cultural battles currently occurring in the United States, as of 2013. This is the first extended interview where Dolores Huerta addresses the 2006 comment directly.

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David Brunk says:

A wonderful interview with a wonderful woman, the epitome of courage and dignity in the civil rights movement. Her call for justice is needed now more than ever against a resurgent right wing of American society. The extreme arrogance of the powerful can only be turned back by the sanity and fairness expressed by people of her caliber.


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