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   Nonprofit - Next Generation Scholars - San Rafael, CA

Organization Details

A Nonprofit Organization in San Rafael, California

 Next Generation Scholars

   Mission Statement

Next Generation Scholars​ believes equal access to higher education is the key to making positive change within our community. Our mission is to level the playing field by providing dedicated underserved students with all the advantages available to those of privilege.

   Address 1018 E Street, San Rafael, CA 94901
   Metro Area San Francisco CA
   Number of Employees 0
   Number of Locations 0
   Year Founded 2006
   Contact Person Justin Douglas
   Contact Phone (415) 259-0900
   Fax Number none posted
   Contact Email
   Web Address
   Organizational Focus Children and Youth, Education and Academia, Family and Parenting, Higher Education, Youth Services

A Nonprofit in San Rafael, California

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