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   Nonprofit - A Fair Shake for Youth, Inc. - NEW YORK, NY

Organization Details

A Nonprofit Organization in NEW YORK, New York

 A Fair Shake for Youth, Inc.

   Mission Statement

A Fair Shake for Youth seeks to help youth living in underserved New York City communities build greater empathy, self-esteem and the skills and behaviors that create stronger relationships with family, peers and the community and open up new possibilites for their future using a hands-on program with therapy dogs.

   Address 210 west 101st St. PH 6, NEW YORK, NY 10025
   Metro Area New York NY
   Number of Employees 5
   Number of Locations 1
   Year Founded 2010
   Contact Person AUDREY s HENDLER
   Contact Phone (917) 371-9005
   Fax Number (917) 371-9005
   Contact Email
   Web Address
   Organizational Focus Children and Youth

Current Job Listings

Program Manager - New York, New York - Full time

A Nonprofit in NEW YORK, New York

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