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   Nonprofit - Avaaz Foundation - New York, NY

Organization Details

A Nonprofit Organization in New York, New York

 Avaaz Foundation
   Address 27 Union Sq. West, #500, New York, NY 10003
   Metro Area New York NY
   Contact Person Sydney Gallup
   Contact Phone (248) 342-3784
   Fax Number none posted
   Contact Email
   Organizational Focus Animal Welfare, Children and Youth, Community Organizing / Advocacy, Conservation, Consumer Protection, Cultural Affairs, Disaster Relief, Economic Development, Education and Academia, Energy Conservation and Green Living, Environment and Ecology, Farming and Agriculture, Foundations, Fundraising, and Philanthropy, Government, Health and Medicine, Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Immigration, International Relations, LGBTQ, Media and Journalism, Peace, War, and Conflict Resolution, Politics, Poverty and Hunger, Research and Science, Shelter/Emergency Shelter, Social Enterprise and Economic Development, Voting, Democracy, and Civic Engagement, Wildlife and Animal Welfare, Women's Issues

Current Job Listings

New York Office Manager - New York, New York - Full time

Executive Assistant to COO - New York, New York - Full time

A Nonprofit in New York, New York

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