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   Nonprofit - 2173072 - Bronx, NY

Organization Details

A Nonprofit Organization in Bronx, New York

   Address 3450 Dekalb Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467
   Metro Area New York NY
   Contact Person Jennifer Esmurdoc
   Contact Phone (718) 944-3240
   Fax Number (718) 944-3240
   Contact Email
   Web Address
   Organizational Focus Child Care, Children and Youth, Community College, Community Organizing / Advocacy, Community Service and Volunteering, Computers and Technology, Cultural Affairs, Disaster Relief, Education and Academia, English Language Learners (ELL), Entrepreneurship, Family and Parenting, Higher Education, Immigration, Jewish Organization, Job Training and Workplace Issues, Law and Legal Assistance, Legal Services, Network of Nonprofit Organizations, Social Services, Sports, Recreation, and Leisure, Teaching, Training, Victim Support Services, Women's Issues, Youth Services

Current Job Listings

Financial Controller of the Fiscal Department- with the possibility of taking over the CFO position upon retirement - Bronx, New York - Full time

A Nonprofit in Bronx, New York

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