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  Director, Regional Advocacy, Greater Los Angeles Job viewed 714 times.
  Job Description

The Director leads public policy and supports member schools’ interests across Los Angeles County in the areas of charter school authorization, growth, renewals, funding equity, and facilities. This position is part of a team that works closely with hundreds of educators operating local charter organizations, community groups, and local elected officials to maximize the positive impact of charter schools as part of the public education system in the region and to ensure that all students and families have access to high quality public school options. 

The team supports 350 charter schools across Los Angeles County, including more than 220 schools authorized by the Los Angeles Unified School District. The work includes building relationships with charter school educators, school board members, city council members and other stakeholders to lay the foundation for new areas of charter growth in the region and remove barriers to operation and success in serving students and families.

Essential Duties

    • Policy Making and Advocacy: Support charter-related policy matters at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and several other key school districts.
      • Build and manage relationships with the charter school community to inform and advocate on behalf of the charter community and CCSA’s policy positions
      • Become an expert in specific areas of charter policy to coalesce around common policy outcomes
      • Mobilize towards increasing collective action by developing structures to ensure active charter leader engagement in policy agenda

Strategic Planning

    : Support and engage in the development, promotion, and adoption of the strategic priorities to ensure they are aligned with CCSA’s broader priorities and are reflective of the charter community’s needs.
    • Create project plans to manage key policy initiatives, regularly tracking progress to goal
    • Use exceptional judgment to determine how limited resources should be spent to achieve maximum impact
  • Relationship Building: Cultivate relationships with key elected and appointed officials at the county and district levels and build and manage relationships with charter leaders in support of the team’s advocacy agenda.
    • Focus strategically on policy initiatives to create supportive legislative and policy environments and leverage our members’ collective advocacy power, in collaboration with CCSA’s parent organizing efforts
    • Work strategically with charter schools in their authorization/renewal campaigns and provide resources to support our members in developing and operating high-quality charter schools
    • Provide high-quality, timely, responsive member support to charter school leaders by connecting them with resources, responding to inquiries, and answering policy-related questions
  • Political Engagement: Engage in non-partisan and partisan electoral work, including strategic planning and implementation under the umbrella of CCSA Advocates, our electoral arm.
    • Engage charter leaders on electoral issues including district, county, and statewide races and ballot measures
    • Actively identify potential candidates and refer them to training resources and materials
    • Collaborate closely with parent and youth organizers in the region to develop outreach and mobilization strategies
  • Cross Team Collaboration: Partner with internal CCSA teams to align resources and maximize advocacy work and outcomes.
    • Cultivate relationships with teams to establish clear channels for effective communication and project planning
    • Identify shared goals and a vision for accountability to achieve these goals


What Success Looks Like

To achieve success in this role, qualified candidates will be able to consistently meet and exceed these goals:

  1. Establish healthy policy environment for high quality charter schools to grow, whereby members have equitable access to resources (e.g. facilities, funding, and technology) and authorizers and schools work in partnership to provide high quality options for all public school students.
  2. Facilitate strong charter leader networks across the county and lead members to engage in collective actions that move the policy needle forward.
  3. Actively demonstrate these core work values: passion, impact, judgment and communication.


Preferred Capabilities

  • At least 5 years of professional work experience
  • Demonstrated passion for education reform and understanding of local and statewide education reform climate
  • Experience working to motivate a variety of constituents
  • Exceptional leadership and relationship-building skills
  • Exceptional strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience working with Excel, Salesforce and workflow management systems
  • Exceptional organizational skills and a self-starter


How to Apply

Please send the following to Hilary Harmssen, Subject line should read (exactly as written): Director, Regional Advocacy, Los Angeles Opening: (Name)

  • Cover letter answering the following questions:
    • What is it about our mission that resonates with your experience and/or interests?
    • What makes you an exceptional candidate for this position? Please highlight any previous experience with education organizations in Los Angeles, if applicable.
    • Where did you learn about this opportunity?
    • What are your salary expectations for this position?
  • Resume
  • References (will only contact after notifying you)
  Metro Area Los Angeles CA
  Job Location City Los Angeles
  Job Location State California
  Job Location Country United States
  Job Category Advocacy
  Prefered Experience 5 year(s)
  Job Type Full time
  Job Posting Date Aug. 9, 2017

Organization Details

  Organization Name California Charter Schools Association
  Organizational Focus Charter School
  Contact Person Hilary Harmssen
  Contact Phone none posted
  Contact Fax none posted
  Contact Email
  Web Address http://250 East 1st Street, Suite 1000

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