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The primary role of the Child Care Lead Teacher of the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home is to help provide for the individual needs of the child in care by being a support to teachers and aids. The Lead Teacher must have the personality and ability to provide leadership and stability for program continuity.


The Child Care Center Lead Teacher is directly responsible to the Director of Child Care.


The qualifications of Lead Teacher must include a CDA or higher level of education and 5 years experience in early childhood education which includes curriculum planning and implementation.


The responsibilities of the Child Care Lead Teacher of the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home include the following:


  1. 1.      Implement the program for the classes in accordance with the policies, procedures, schedules, scope and sequence and philosophy of the center
  2. 2.      Collect and review lesson plans.         
  3. 3.      Supervise lesson plan content to meet program goals and individual needs of children.
  4. 4.      Offer suggestions and resources for lesson plans.
  5. 5.      Gather materials needed by teachers.
  6. 6.      Place a material need order, when necessary, to office.
  7. 7.      After reviewing lesson plans, turn copies in to director.
  8. 8.      Plan with teachers to gear the program and activities to the needs of the individual children with concern for their interests, special talents and individual style and pace of learning.
  9. 9.      Keep personal log as reference for teacher needs, concerns, program requirements, and problems of any kind.
  10. 10.  Involve parents in the program.

Room Maintenance

  1. 11.  Responsible for the ordered arrangement, appearance, décor, and learning environment of the classrooms and central area.
  2. 12.  Complete a weekly report of room and building condition and cleanliness.  Document upkeep of bulletin boards and room decorations.
  3. 13.  Forward information concerning broken equipment, toys or other dangerous situations from teachers to director.
  4. 14.  Periodically inventory room supplies such as scissors, books, manipulative and desk equipment. Keep record of the inventory for review with management or teaching staff.

Staff Training

  1. 15.  Train new staff on school policies pertaining to schedules, proper lesson planning, interaction with students, being a team player, and teaching techniques.
  2. 16.  Instruct and train staff in proper cleaning techniques.
  3. 17.  Model classroom management for new teachers.

Staff Interactions

  1. 18.  Treat staff with respect and in a professional way.
  2. 19.  Ensure smooth coordination of all classroom activities and staff and student inter-relationships.
  3. 20.  Make weekly contact with team teachers for the purpose of planning, and area and individual child development needs.
  4. 21.  Attend and speak at monthly area meetings in which area teachers will plan for upcoming month, discuss problems in their area and progress with individual children.
  5. 22.  Assist teachers in handling problem children.  (Discuss possible solutions and determine a detailed individual plan.  Written documentation in detail is required.)
  6. 23.  Discuss area and teacher accomplishments and problems with director in weekly meeting.  Make suggestions on staff trainings.
  7. 24.  Keep informed of injuries and illnesses of children and staff in a timely but convenient manner.
  8. 25.  Keep a record of reasons for student absences.
  9. 26.  Read class logs daily and initial and document ongoing situations.
  10. 27.  Provide support for staff by communicating daily and meeting needs.  Be a team builder.
  11. 28.  Stop any negative interact between staff.

Parent/Child Interactions

  1. 29.  Treat children and parents with dignity, compassion and respect.  Always remain objective.
  2. 30.  Inform parents of child’s progress and adjustment in a positive manner.
  3. 31.  Assist in explaining the program to visitors.  Tour school with prospective parents.
  4. 32.  Assist the director in parent-school relationships.
  5. 33.  Conduct or supervise head lice and other exams periodically and report to the director.

Paper Work

  1. 34.  Prepare weekly area maintenance chart.
  2. 35.  Provide monthly meeting input.
  3. 36.  Turn in lesson plans.
  4. 37.  Provide teachers with material needs order form and return to director for approval.
  5. 38.  Document parent contact regarding child and any problems or concerns.
  6. 39.  Document area problems.
  7. 40.  Obtain and convey input on Staff Evaluations to director.
  8. 41.  Collect and turn in time cards in the absence of director.
  Job Location City Deltona
  Job Location State Florida
  Job Location Zip 32725
  Compensation Hourly From: $0.00 To: $0.00
  Job Category Child Care
  Prefered Experience 5 year(s)
  Job Type Full time
  Job Posting Date Mar. 20, 2017

Organization Details

  Organization Name Florida United Methodist Children's Home
  Organizational Focus Children and Youth, Faith-Based, Methodist Organization, Youth Services
  Contact Person Jayne Carroll
  Contact Phone none posted
  Contact Fax none posted
  Contact Email

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