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The mission of The Nonprofit Network is to offer innovative, quality, and affordable resources to the nonprofit sector in order to increase its capacity to serve.

About Us is the premier website for nonprofit job postings and networking. Our goal is to create extremely low cost or free networking opportunities for the nonprofit sector. We understand funds are hard to come by in the nonprofit world and that the good work of nonprofits depends on the ability to make the most of fiscal resources. This website is designed to be simple and to help nonprofits help others, better!

Using Our Site

All of our sections are free to search. We want users to take time to post research, a resume, free items, and list their nonprofit. We hope nonprofits use this site as a tool to improve services and connect with other nonprofits!


This site developed after listening to individuals from the nonprofit world complain about the high cost of posting jobs, not being able to find consultants that focus on the nonprofit world, not finding relevant and free research, and not knowing what other nonprofits do. The development of this site took over two years and included talking with hundreds of nonprofit professionals. We hope you enjoy our work and we hope to meet you soon.

The Nonprofit Network Team!!!!!!

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